Attractions in the Hattuvaara area

Orthodox tsasouna of Hattuvaara

The orthodox tsasouna, or the prayer chapel, is located in the center of the village near the intersection of the road leading to Lake Hattujärvi. According to current estimates, the tsasouna built in 1792 is the oldest Orthodox tsasouna still in use in Western Europe.

In June during Petru's praasnieka and during Easter, regular services are organized in the tsasouna. At other times, services are rarely held. In the summer, tsasouna has guided tours for visitors.

Petru praasniekka

The Hattuvaara praasniekka, or Petru's praasniekka, is organized annually on June 29 at the Orthodox tsasouna of Hattuvaara.

The easternmost point of the Continental EU

A popular excursion destination, the easternmost point of continental Europe and Finland is located in Virmajärvi about 18 kilometers from the center of the village.

War memorials and Taistelijan taival

The battle memorials erected by veterans of the 1944 battles of Hattuvaara at the battle sites of the village still tell their story of this important period for Finland's independence through commemorative stones and plaques and artillery.

The battle of Hattuvaara is also told by the memorial trail Taistelijan taival. The commemoration of the battles of 1944 is celebrated annually on the last weekend of July.

Ilomantsin Sotatie (The Ilomantsi War Road)

The Ilomantsi War Road consists of a road network of about 150 kilometers, along which there are dozens of memorials, signboards, museums, buildings and restored battle stations. The Ilomantsi War Road online. (In Finnish)

Taistelijan Talo (Fighter’s House)

Built as a tribute to the veterans of our wars, Taistelijan Talo has both outdoor and indoor exhibitions about events during our wars.

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