Cottage Holidays in Hattuvaara, Ilomantsi!

Welcome to a virtual sightseeing tour of our holiday cottages. After becoming better acquainted with the possibilities our cottages offer you, please do get in touch with us and come to enjoy a quality holiday in Hattuvaara.


Completed in year 2001, Hatun Huilaus is a 92m2 top-notch log cabin by the shore of Lake Hattujärvi. In addition to the electrically equipped cabin itself the standard of equipment includes a lakeside sauna, a barbecue shed and among other things a rowing-boat. In the winter a snowmobile can also be arranged.


Originally built in the 1950's and renovated in 2013 preserving its retro style, Metsäpirtti is a log house located about 8 kilometres east from the Hattuvaara village. Metsäpirtti provides housing for 6 people and in the summertime you can also use a storehouse that accommodates 2 people.


Built in 2001 like the Hatun Huilaus cottage, the 33m2 moorland situated Pyynpesä is especially suitable for people interested in berry picking, hunting or hiking as well as for any other wilderness oriented traveller.


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Karelia Expert Matkailupalvelu Oy
Kalevalantie 13 - FI-82900 Ilomantsi

Tel.+358(0)400 240 072
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